Rupture discs are to protect pressure systems against damage from excessive overpressure or vacuum by bursting within a predetermined pressure differential across the disc.

The solid prebulged rupture disc is still an important member of the rupture disc family, this construction does not satisfy all operational requirements. Some of these requirements concern minimum practical values for the operating ratio and manufacturing range of the disc. The operating ratio defines the ratio of operating pressure to bursting pressure required to ensure an acceptable service life of the disc, and the manufacturing range the pressure range around the specified pressure to which solid prebulged rupture discs can be manufactured.

Rupture disc device: A non-reclosing pressure relief device, consisting of rupture disc and holder, that is actuated by differential pressure and functions by bursting of the rupture disc.

Rupture disc: The pressure containing and pressure sensitive element of the rupture disc device.

Prebulged rupture disc: A rupture disc that is prebulged in the direction of the fluid pressure.

Prebulged composite rupture disc: A prebulged rupture disc consisting of two or more layers of which one is slotted so as to reduce its strength and to control the bursting pressure.

Reverse buckling disc: A rupture disc that is domed against the direction of the fluid pressure.

Holder: That component of a rupture disc device which holds the rupture disc around its circumference, consisting of the inlet and outlet holder parts.

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